Turmeric 500mg 60ct
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  1. J
    Jeremy R

    Even before taking this product I knew the benefits of turmeric and have actually been using as home made remedy. But because I live a busy life, taking them in capsules versus making tea, this is more convenient for me. Gives the same effect with the least effort for consumption. Best of all, it is reasonably priced. With other brands, with the same price you only get 30 capsules so a good value for money. I have arthritis and this helps me a lot, it feels like I don’t even have arthritis. I can’t seem to remember how painful it feels. I have only been taking this for two months but it really does help a lot.

  2. D
    Denise U

    We all know that turmeric has a number of health benefits that even doctors recommend them. What I like best about it is that it is organic. I did not personally use it but I bought it for my mom and dad. My mom has high cholesterol and my dad has type 2 diabetes. This supplement helps them in regulating their cholesterol and blood sugar. They feel more energetic, my dad’s weight is continously improving (losing weight, he is over weight) and helps with their arthritis too. I have read so much about turmeric, it is not surprising that many people have started to use this as it helps you a lot healthwise. Perhaps I should start using them myself having seen a good improvement from my folks.

  3. D
    Danny W

    This is just amazing, a magic pill! I am 53 years old and yes I have aches and pains and my cholesterol was bad. I love that it is natural and safe, without the harmful effect to the liver of synthetic medication. Turmeric is a proven medicinal plant and it is no surprise that it helps relieve pain, inflammation and lowered my cholesterol. I used to make tea with turmeric, I still do at times but as capsule it is very convenient.

  4. G
    Geraldine S

    No brainer that turmeric has many benefits, so I am not at all surprised that it is effective. But consumers have to be careful because fakes are out there. This is not one of them. I am a satisfied consumer of this particular item. I have been using it for four months and it is just great. I would recommend the brand.

  5. S
    Shane O

    Totally in love with this product! It is a must for me before my major meals. I have been using it for 6 months and it helps in relieve my arthritis mainly and other aches.

  6. V
    Vince J.

    I can’t believe people don’t include turmeric in their diet/regimen – they should. This is a great relief and prevention. I think all brands should get this right, this does. It will be shameful if any brand counterfeits this. This one doesn’t though. I have been using it for 6 months now and I am feeling energized, light, healthier, and feeling way less in pain.

  7. A
    Ariane A

    I’ve tried their other products (Garcinia and CBD) and have been very satisfied with both. So I am not surprised this one is just as great. Definitely deserving of a perfect rating.

  8. T
    Tina H

    I am obsessed with turmeric, I take this supplement and have turmeric tea daily. Starts my day right and helps with my overall wellness. What is not to love about this product?

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