Keto Bhb 60ct

Beta-hydroxybutyrate or BHB is a ketones in the body, derived from acetoacetate and is the most abundant fatty acid…

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Beta-hydroxybutyrate or BHB is a ketones in the body, derived from acetoacetate and is the most abundant fatty acid. This increases ketone levels in the body, imitating the state of ketosis. BHB supplements aid in weight loss, burn fats faster and increase brain health.

Recommended Use:
As a dietary supplement, take one (2) capsules daily with an 8 oz. glass of water.



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  1. J
    John S

    I am early into the program but I have noticed that I have more energy and I was surprised that I did not have my usual weekend cheat day cravings. Can’t wait to see results after 30 days and 60 days to compare. So far, it is working well for me.

  2. B
    Brittany J

    Stoked. Highly recommended.

  3. R
    Rachelle M

    Me and my partner have started out keto diet and have been using these as supplements, it is a great addition to our daily routine. We have more energy than ever without the feeling of being hungy. I feel like I think more clearly now and have more focus, probably because I am not distracted with my cravings hahaha. We both love these supplements, thanks to Living Natural!

  4. J
    Joe M

    Can’t complain, losing weight with just these and keto diet, without the exercise.

  5. G
    Grace V

    This is such an accelerator to losing weight paired with keto diet even without exercise, at least in my experience. What’s not to love with this?

  6. S
    Steve U

    It’s like turbo nitro of cars, only for your body. Gives me increased ketone levels, which it should as advertised. Recommended for all those who are on keto diet.

  7. W
    Wally W

    I reach my ketosis state faster than without taking this supplement. Pair it with the keto strips to check and it’s perfect.

  8. J
    Jane J

    Gave me an increased energy level, not sure if it’s supposed to do that but that’s what I have noticed. I am yet to experience it’s effect when used to help with pain. Haven’t had the chance to try it for that yet. But when I do, I’d write a nother review and hopefully that would help other consumers too.

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