Garcinia Extract 60% Hca 500mg 60ct

Garcinia Cambogia Extract is a natural dietary supplement from Malabar tamarind plant and contains hydroxycitric acid that aids in weight loss…

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Garcinia Cambogia Extract is a natural dietary supplement from Malabar tamarind plant and contains hydroxycitric acid that aids in weight loss. It has components that suppress appetite, blocks the fat production, reduces belly fat, and boost your digestive system.

Recommended Use:
As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules daily. For best results, take 30 minutes before meals with an 8 oz. glass of water.



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  1. R

    My husband and I have both tried Garcinia before and it did not do us well, we always had headaches using another brand. Living Natural’s though has not given us that. We don’t have as much big appetite as we used to before. We started seeing results in 2 weeks time. Our weight slowly dropped and now we have to do sit ups to get rid of the flabs. Hopefully a more visible result in a month’s time. I would definitely recommend the product and the brand and we will personally continue to use as needed. – Mr. and Mrs. Reed

  2. J
    Jonathan A

    Usually after two hours of having a meal, I have the urge to get a snack. A sweet, calorie-filled snack. I am 10 days off my usual, after-every-meal sweets (usualy a chocolate bar, a cake or a piece of a pie). Very pleased with the weight lost, it’s just a matter of maintaining them. But thanks to this product, I wouldn’t have achieved (almost) ideal weight if it hadn’t been for supplements.

  3. M
    Matt M

    I feel full, I lost weight but I am having headaches more often but are tolerable. I am guessing it is a normal side effect? If it does what is promised to help you with weight management, then the answer is a definite yes.

  4. J
    Julia C

    The best effect of taking these supplement is my lowered cholesterol level, I am not 100% if this is brought about by the garcinia or due to the fact that I have reduced appetite hence eating less and not craving fast food so I am eating more healthy foods. I don’t exercise much and the only physical activity I do is my daily walk to and from my office which is 3 blocks away. I am not necessarily looking to lose a lot of weight but this helped me to get to desired normal weight and maintain it. I find that maintaining weight is more difficult than losing the pounds. Anyways, this product is something that I can recommend. Nothing to grand but not at all bad, just okay.

  5. C
    Ching M

    Works like what garcinia extracts are supposed to. Mixed reviews here, it works for me like I did lose weight but my friend used it the same time as I did but no noticeable changes physically. Mentally though she tells me she is more alert. So I guess this is something that doesn’t fit all, but for me, works really good.

  6. S
    Sammy J

    Definitely ordering more, I am only on my first week and it is showing realy good results, I’m surprised. I have read mixed reviews only but this one definitely works. It could be that other brands don’t deliver the real benefits but Living Naturals works. So I recommend this product.

  7. T
    Trisha M

    Totally love and believe in the product!

  8. J
    Joel J

    If you want to see results instantly and drastically, this is the one to take. I trust garcinia althoug the brand.. this is actually the first time I am taking their product and I must say, not bad.

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