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Living Natural Apple Cider Vinegar 1000mg is a dietary supplement…

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Living Natural Apple Cider Vinegar 1000mg is a dietary supplement that aids in weight loss with additional health benefits such as lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Now, it is easy to take as it comes in capsules.Recommended Dosage:For adults, take two (2) capsules once a day. For best results, take 20-30 minutes before a meal.



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  1. K
    Kate S.

    After one week of taking these, I have noticed that my tummy become a little smaller. Not bad for a week’s time with no exercise. It has been a month now and I am satisfied to see that I am finally fitting back to my old clothes size!

  2. S
    Samuel Y

    I started to lose appetite of eating that much carbs and sweets, not sure if this is an effect of the apple cider. Anyways, because of that I have lost a little weight which is waht I am aiming for. I love bread (and sweets) and for me to say no to a second serving of anything, is progress to me. I plan to take this until I have reached my goal weight.

  3. B
    Brilliana G

    I have been using liquid apple cider vinegar and it was superb, I lost weight evein during the first week. The reason why I switched to tha capsules is because of the taste and smell of the vinegar. This way, no smells, no lasting taste in your buds. Effect is pretty much the same and I have no complaints so far. The capsules are just more convenient and easier to take for me.

  4. L
    Lenny D

    This product is just amazing! It’s natural, safe and more importantly, you see results. I am feeling better about myself, I feel healthier, more energized and I am more in control of my cravings. This has been a part of my daily diet as a supplement for a couple of months now. Not only to I see in the mirror and on the scale that I am actually losing weight but I am feeling it. I feel so much lighter and I am able to do more things physically. Definitley recommend to those who would like to lose weight

  5. J
    Jackson F

    I used to be always hungry, literally. I don’t know if it is just psychological or I really am starving but since I started with the apple cider vinegar capsules, I am eating less. No cravings for salty food. If anything, I eat better now. It could be a mindset but since I started to take this as a part of my daily regimen, I have experienced a change in my eating habits. And removing the cravings or the feeling of I always hungry indeed helped me to lose weight. I will continue until I reach my target weight. I am getting there and it’s great!

  6. S
    Stella D

    I chose to do the capsules instead because I found out that drinking the actual apple cider vinegar could ruin teeth because it’s too acidic. I am glad that it gives the same effect as when I drink the acv only this time it is easier to take. I feel the lose skin as I lose weight, next step is to do workout to firm them up. Contented and pleaseed with the results and will continue to use this product.

  7. C
    Charlie Z

    ACV is much better to manage in capsule form versus the liquid form, this was my main reason for buying this product. But I have been using ACV in the past and has proven effective. As for the effectivity, it gives the same type of result like I lost weight but the difference is that I lost weight quicker with the liquid form. Not at all bad, probably the liquid gets absorbed into your system faster? idk. Overall, still a great product. no regrets.

  8. R
    Rachelle T

    Quality – Great
    Effectivity – Great
    Price/Value for Money – Great
    Customer Service – Great
    Overall Rating – Great!

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