Choosing the Right CBD for me


Do you need help choosing the right full spectrum CBD product?

At Living Natural, we know it can be confusing and overwhelming to get started taking CBD Supplements. We are here to clear the confusion and point you in the right direction.

Answer the questions below, and we’ll recommended a CBD specifically for your need.

Many full spectrum CBD products are flavored – What flavor do you think you will like?
Product type preference – Raw extract, flavored drops, topical, or no preference?
What do you want CBD to do for you? – Relieve pain, stress, anxiety, or inflammation? Help with joint support or better sleep?
Have you tried full spectrum CBD products before? – what brand, type, or strength?


Whether you choose full spectrum CBD oil, or a different CBD product, your dosage will depend on a couple of different variables such as sex, weight, medical history, and body chemistry.

Read further to determine the right dosage for you.

Among other things, the CBD dosage depends on body mass. The higher the body mass, the more CBD is needed for optimum nutrients and benefits.

The rule of thumb for CBD dosage is:
1-6MG of CBD for every 10 pounds body weight.
If you weigh 150 pounds, 15-25MG is a good dosage.
If you weigh 250 pounds, 25-35MG is a good dosage.

Start Small
The dosage rule isn’t a one size fits all. Different people respond differently to CBD. Many people who wish to find out what full spectrum CBD oil can do for their health, do not have a doctor comfortable with prescribing CBD dosages.

It’s easy to take the word of a friend who uses CBD products for the word of an expert, but the fact is that your friend who weighs the same as you might take a higher dose than what should be your starting dose. Always start with the recommended 15MG-18MG.

The best way to find the proper dosage is to start with a small initial dosage based on your weight and observe how your body reacts. If you feel like you need a higher dose, increase it slowly.

Please note that it is dangerous to start with a high dosage, especially when you’ve never before tried full spectrum CBD oil.

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